Nepeta's Cave of Kinkiness
Hello, you majestic, lovely kitty you~

:33 < why thank you! hello to you as well :33

Magic, probably. o 3o Let's try a basic breast expansion spell.. Well, or we would, as long as you're not munching down on cakes. If we made your boobs too big, you wouldn't be able to move at all!

:33 < okay! i think that ordeal is over now h33h33. how do we do this spell?

What's your favorite kind of food?

:33 < meat! all kinds of delicious tasty meat! purrferably if it still has a little fight left in it ;33

*Vriska presses into Nepeta's blobby side, shoving the superheavy troll girl onto her back, turning her upside down, before she continues to down more mega fattening treats into her mouth, to help her bloat up her backside even more.* There. Now I can make you a 8it more comfy of a 8ig plushy troll mountain. ::::)

Nepeta does little to stop this next onslaught of treats getting piled into her mouth, other than swallowing it all down to make room for the next, globs of sugary frosting and fattening cake flying off onto her lips and cheeks. She is almost constantly swallowing, starting to feel the strain on her throat and esophagus, as huge amounts of cake fly down its passageways. Still, she forces it through, and the new amounts of desserts does just like the others, quickly digesting as it is sent off through her body, piling fat onto every place it can reach, her body quickly becoming more and more of an unrecognizable grey blob. These cakes however, seem to speed up the process, making her grow at an even faster rate, her belly simply rising and rising while she feels her limbs becoming thicker and thicker, rolls of fat developing on all four, each one becoming hard to move and incredibly soft. Her breasts, now facing up, continue to simply flop over her belly, growing thick and heavy along with everything else, her large olive aerolas each dotted with a perky nipple, as she rises on her incredibly large thickening ass. Several minutes pass, Nepeta quiet, out of lack of any other options, as her body grows to an obscene size. Her body is unbelievably huge, past the size of a car, her thick heavy arms seemingly half-absorbed by its incredible soft girth, her breasts lewdly piled on top, like thick piles of grey draped over. Her neck seems nearly non-existent as only her head manages to poke out, now a look of discomfort clearly plastered over it. She manages to speak through the onslaught of desserts.

":33 < *mmf* vriskers dont you think that *gulp* youve fed me enough?"

*The "normal" cake was even more fattening, of course! When you're a blob like Nepeta, you really need to up the calorie intake to maintain your pace. Vriska reaches down, and grabs a handful of oversized cattat, licking her licks as she looks up at the still growing catgirl* My my, you are 8ecoming quite a huge pussy, aren't you?

*As Vriska stops shoveling cakes and other pastries into her mouth, Nepeta takes a breather, gasping for air between giggles and loud obscene belches. At Vriska’s comment Nepeta can’t help but giggle innocently.*

":33 < h33h33 i guess so! i never felt this soft and squishy before!"

*Nepeta then closes her eyes and begins to writhe around, giggling as she feels her massive fat body jiggle and roll slightly against the firm ground.

*As the catgirl gets bigger and fatter, Vriska's grin just gets bigger and bigger.* So, are you ready to stop eating skim, and start upgrading to the "normally" fattening cakes? ::::) *The answer was yes, of course. Not like she gave the catgirl a choice, her body rising higher and higher, Vriska having to stand up to continue feeding her increasingly blubby self*

*Nepeta didn’t really comprehend the question, or even hear it for that matter, as she was too distracted happily munching on the seemingly endless stream of cake, loudly smacking her lips as she barely chewed and swallowed. She almost looked like an inflating bouncy castle, Looking a lot like a massive blog as she continued to slowly grow. Nepeta also had to slightly accommodate to continue eating Vriska’s generous donations, craning her head down and smooshing together several added necklines. Inside, her stomach was a massive churning mess of half-digested cake, constantly being finished off and sent to fatten up another part of her body, from her fat ass, to her huge tits, thick thighs, or swollen bulging belly. Still, if she would stop furiously chowing down and listen to Vriska, she would most likely be more than interested to know what exactly normal cakes were like!*

Oh, don't you worry a8out that. I'll make sure you have all the cake. All of it!!!!!!!! *She turns on Nepeta's body, sitting on her chest as she starts taking handfulls of the pastries, and starts to force it into her waiting maw, more and more fattening cake shoved into the immobile feline's mouth.*

:33 < well wait a second i dont want all of the ca-MMPH

*Nepeta’s protests are suddenly silenced as her mouth, already messily covered with bits of cake and frosting, is suddenly clogged with large handfuls of delicious pastries. At first, almost as a way of protest, Nepeta doesn’t swallow. However, that soon changes as Vriska’s unrelenting hand piles another thick heavy handful of pastry into her mouth, forcing her to swallow it down. Slowly she speeds up, a slight whine coming out as Vriska pushes in more and more. Her body reacts as expected, growing again as her eating became more rapid, faster than Nepeta could have ever achieved eating on her own. Her glorious behind grew larger as more and more fat piled onto it, becoming thicker and softer as it jutted out lewdly into the air. Her own belly continued to grow as well, the humongous bulging stomach holding her up entirely now, legs and arms lifting off the ground as more and more cake piled in. Her heavy breasts also grew, lewdly smooshing against the ground as she rose higher and higher. It didn’t take long for Nepeta to start enjoying the treatment, her tongue getting the next rush of sugary goodness faster and faster, while feeling the delightfully full feeling again and again as the cakes digested only to be replaced by the next load of desserts.*

*And that's when Vriska shows up, wheeling in all sorts of cake on a cart. She goes to the fallen fatcat, and plainly sits on her belly* Oh? Is something wrong? Does the little pussycat have a tummyache?

*Nepeta groans as she hears a noise, opening her eyes to stare up at the source. First she notices the cakes, and despite her exhausted fat state, still manages to salivate at the thought of swallowing them down. Then she spots Vriska, and her face immediately brightens up, looking possibly even more adorable with the addition of her new chubby cheeks.*

":33 < vriskers! i can barely move right now! :(("

*She demonstrates her declaration by attempting to do so, just barely managing to wiggle her massive body.*

":33 < i just dont f33l very good…although purrhaps i could have one more cake…"

*And as she got slower, the cakes only seemed to be getting bigger. Each step was another birthday cake. Then a wedding cake. Hundreds of pounds of pastries being left for the catgirl, as she ventures more and more away from her hive. And it gets getting harder and harder to continue, as the cakes get taller and taller and taller... *

*Nepeta actually begins to show some fatigue as her huge body gets slower and slower, the poor olive blood panting hopelessly as she chases after the next cake in line, still impossible hungry for more. As she reaches and promptly swallows down ANOTHER wedding cake, her clothes finally give up. First her pants, after suffering numerous tears as key critical points, the tattered fabric tears one last time and falls off, her green and white panties looking to follow suit as they also suffer several tears as they are stretched over Nepeta’s now humongous ass. Her shirt also fails to keep itself together, already being pushed up by her growing belly and pushed outward by her growing breasts, now begins to suffer from the loud painful sounds of stitches ripping, until the structure of the shirt simply falls apart and off her body, leaving…nothing, instead exposing her soft heavy breasts as they hang from her chest. Nepeta has to seriously work now to get to her cake, constantly sliding on her belly as her legs desperately push at the ground, her thick thighs jiggling with each movement as her arms claw forward, trying hard to drag herself. She manages to get to about three more huge cakes, before finally stopping, exhausted as she lays nude (her panties shredded off shortly after), sweating, and full outside her hive, in an awkwardly compromising position.*

":33 < too much cake…"

*she mutters, sighing as she lays there.*

Hmm.. Must resist urge to bump your base size up to an 8... ;o But busty Nepeta is so cuuute~

:33 < do you have a *urp* way of *nom* making that happen? :OO